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I will be holding fall mini sessions on Sunday, November 2!

Have you been outside recently?  I’m sure you have and I’m sure you’ve noticed how extremely beautiful it is with the cool breeze and changing colors.  This is the perfect time to have your portraits taken.  Whether it’s a portrait of your expanding family, you with the love of your life or maybe just you , there isn’t a more gorgeous time of year.


These sessions are slightly different than my full sessions.  Here’s the most important information:

  • Sunday, November 2
  • Up to 5 family members allowed   (Cannot be used as a newborn session!)
  • Once booked, you will received the location of the session

What you receive:

  • 2o minute session
  • 10 images on USB
  • Facebook timeline cover (designed by me 🙂 )

The cost of fall mini sessions is $250.00, which is why they sell out so quickly.  It’s the best way to have portraits taken at a more affordable price.  We are starting with morning spots and if those fill up quickly, as we expect they will, we will add afternoon spots!


To book your date, email me.   If you have more questions, please call me at 732-588-6561 and we can discuss your session!



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Spencer  |  Central Jersey Newborn Photographer

{18 days new}

So there comes a time in each newborn photographer’s career that they just have  Spencer was THAT baby.  Of course, being tiny and completely adorable is always a plus, but what every newborn photographer wants is a sleeping baby.  And Spencer slept.  He not only slept, but he let me pose him in practically any pose I wanted.

Spencer’s wonderful parents deserve credit here.  So THANK YOU  🙂

All of my clients get information on what to do prior to their session.  Some things I tend to really emphasize…..

1. try to keep your baby awake before I come

2. wait to feed your baby until I get there

3. TURN UP THE HEAT!!! (can you tell that’s the most important?)

Well, these parents were on top of the rules.  When I walked into their house and immediately started sweating, I knew this was going to be a great day.   On top of that, he was already 18 days old and probably having an easier time eating until he was full.  A full belly AND a hot house usually equates to a sleepy baby.

I’ve been doing video birth announcements for my clients to share with their friends and families.  So much easier cooler than creating costly, paper birth announcements (although I do still love them!) and it’s able to be shared immediately!

So without further ado, meet sweet baby Spencer….

If you’d like more information on booking a newborn session, please contact me!

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Newborn Session Giveaway…

So tomorrow is my 31st birthday and I wanted to celebrate how wonderful my life is by doing a newborn session giveaway!  This will include a pre-consultation, complimentary newborn session, private viewing session and one 16×24 Fine Art Canvas.   This will be a little different than the past giveaways done at random….

newborn session giveaway

So how do you win?

Instead of doing the boring “Like my page and leave me a comment”, I thought I’d like to read motivational stories.  So, you’re actually doing an entry for someone else.  I’d like to give a newborn session to someone that REALLY deserves it.  Someone that has had to struggle, someone that always stays positive, someone that always gives to others, someone that deserves to have a new family portrait done.   Do you know someone that falls into one of these categories?


How to enter:

1.  Email me a story at – please include your name and contact information, parent’s name and how far along they are in their pregnancy.

2.  Head over to Facebook and Like my page!

3.  Leave me a comment on this post.



1.  Story must be for another person.  Cannot enter for yourself.  Must be submitted by August 22, 2014.

2.  This is for a Newborn Session –  I photograph these sessions when the baby is 4-10 days old.  I will not consider families whose child will be older than this age.  Ideally, the mom you nominate will be less than 9 months pregnant, in order to fit her into my schedule.

3.  I will choose a winner based on the stories I receive.  The winner will be chosen by August 23, 2014.

4.  Winner MUST live in New Jersey.  I travel to my clients and this is the only way to control travel for myself.  I’ll travel anywhere in New Jersey.

5.  Cannot be combined with other offers, raffles or used with a newborn session gift certificate.


I will be away on vacation with my family for the first time since I was a child.  Myself, my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews will be out of state enjoying some quality time together.  I will be reading your stories during the week while I’m away.  I will not be responding to emails, just reading on my own time.  So please don’t be upset or offended if I don’t respond to you!

I cannot wait to read your stories!

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Lucia  |  Central Jersey Newborn Photographer

{12 days new}

I figured I’d do something a little different today by posting only black and white versions of Lucia’s newborn session.  If you’d like to see all of her images in color, you can see them by clicking HERE.

Sometimes I’m lucky enough to photograph for friends and this is one of those times.  Lucia is their first baby and very clearly loved.  How could she not be??? She’s so beautiful!  Especially with those adorable pouty lips!

She was such an easy baby to photograph.  She stayed pretty calm throughout the entire session, unless I tried putting her on her stomach.  She didn’t like that at all!  Some babies have a hard time on their bellies at this age, so it’s completely normal.  She only peed on one set up too… which is pretty awesome.


classic newborn photography

newborn girl with pouty lips
sleeping newborn girl
baby girl in a hat
sleeping side pose newborn girl

My clients always have the option to purchase any image in color or black and white, and for clients that order digital images, I automatically include both versions of each image.  To me there is something so nostalgic about looking at images in black and white.


Which do you prefer, color or black and white?   Leave me a comment!

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St. Peter’s Baby Fair Raffle Winners!

So the St. Peter’s Baby Fair is over and it was SO fun!  I met so many amazing people.  It’s so fun to meet so many new parents and expecting parents; such an exciting time for everyone!

I was able to run TWO raffles for the day.  One was chosen by a St. Peter’s staff member and one was chosen by

The winners each won a free newborn session with Jill Smith Photography AND a $100 print credit towards their orders.  So, now that I have been contacted by both winners, I can officially announce them!

1. Cassia Martin  –  chosen by St. Peter’s staff

2. Melissa Mullen  –  chosen by

I’m really excited to work with you both and look forward to meeting your new little bundles of joy!

Now,  my plan all along was to take TONS of photos of the event, especially my table, and add them all over this post…. BUT apparently my brain wasn’t working that morning and I completely forgot my camera.  How does a photographer forget their camera????  I DON’T KNOW 🙂

All I have is this lousy cell phone shot…

new jersey newborn photography table at St. Peters baby fair

St. Peters Baby Fair Jill Smith Photography table


I also wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to my best friend, Maryann, for helping me with this event.  Not only did she come, help me setup and spend the entire day talking to people, but she also helped me prior to the event as well.   She is also credited for the beautiful and delicious lollipop bouquet that is in the photo above.  People were crazy about that thing!  (Also, thank you to her husband, Joe, who made us an amazing dinner that night!).   They’re the best.

So, overall, I’m very happy with how the event went.  If you saw me there and said hi, THANK YOU!  I love talking to people and it was so wonderful to meet you all.  I hope our paths cross again soon!

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