Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

Why hire a professional photographer?

This is a question that probably crosses thousands of minds.

Here’s a short list of reasons to hire a professional:

where to buy provigil online usa 1. Personal Attention

The kind of attention you’ll receive from a newborn photographer should be second to none.  I want to build a relationship with your familyI want to know about your style, décor of your home and personality traits of you and your family members.

By understanding your family dynamic, I am able to engage with your family in a special way.

Here’s a perfect scenario: your 2 year old son is cranky, won’t nap and doesn’t want to lay with his brand-new, attention-getting sister just so a stranger can get some pictures.  “But they’re important!!!”  Nope.  I will gladly sit and play with his train set with him, talk to him and make him laugh.  This is my job (and I love it).

2. Preservation of Images

What’s the number one item (after loved ones or pets) that people say they would rescue from a fire?

You got it, PHOTOGRAPHS!  It doesn’t have to be as serious as a fire, but maybe you realize one day that you made a mistake by not ordering that gorgeous close-up of your newborn’s eyelashes.  Your images are much more likely to be preserved by a professional photographer.  Of course, the likelihood that they’ll be kept for 10 years is slim, but it could happen!

(For the record, all professional photography businesses should be keeping several copies of their work, including at least one off-site backup, so even if images are deleted off of their main computer, there’s a chance that backup still exists!)

my link 3. Specialized Training

Not only should your photographer know their equipment, but newborn photographers should be trained to deal with newborns.  Many will take online courses specializing in newborns or perhaps an in-person workshop!

One of my very first jobs was working for a local daycare center in the infant center.  I was only 17 years old and I already knew I loved working with newborns.  Kind of funny how life works out!

4. Safety is Number ONE

Newborn photographers, like myself, spend so much time and effort learning techniques, tips and tricks to make each and every session safe.  I spend countless hours and thousands of dollars a year to educate myself on newborn posing, safety, wrapping, etc; the learning never stops.

Many popular newborn poses are actually composite images.  This is where two or more images are used to create one final image.  Even with compositing, some poses are still very difficult, so it’s important to ask your photographer what kind of experience they have.  If a photographer tells you they are not comfortable doing certain poses (ie froggy pose), take their word for it!

5. Heirloom Products

I know different photographers offer different products.  For me, I only sell the most beautiful, solid, heirloom-quality products to my clients.  This is my favorite part of the job!

I offer Signature Albums that can be customized with hand-written letters, special quotes or family related stories, Image Boxes covered in vintage leather or suede, and Gallery Canvases that can be grouped together for a true statement piece on your wall!


I hope that this list will help your decision to hire a professional newborn photographer an easier one.   If you’re interested in hiring a specialized newborn photographer or have any questions, contact me!  I’d love to speak with you!

If you have more questions, please visit my FAQ Page!


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